Integrator Information

Managing Your Software's Integration With Clearent's Vault

How do I store cards in Clearent's Vault?

Clearent's Quest platform has a full-featured API for storing card data securely in our Vault. Storing tokens, rather than actual card data, greatly reduces your PCI scope. The Quest API allows you to pass in a token ID in place of a card number when running a transaction.

Our API documentation, including request/response examples, can be found here.

Can I use tokens from a previous processor with Clearent's API?

If you've been storing tokens from another processor, we offer the ability to continue using them after migrating to Clearent. Many processors offer an export option for token data. Your merchants can request that this data be sent to Clearent to be imported into our vault by contacting the existing processor's support team.

Clearent will import the tokens into our Vault, creating new token IDs and mapping them to the previous "legacy" token IDs.

What does the token transfer process look like?

Clearent's integration team will coordinate with the incumbent processor to complete the data transfer in a secure manner. This typically involves the following steps.

How long does the transfer process take?

All processors are different in terms of export turnaround time, however, they should be able to provide an expected timeframe at the time the export request is made.

Once Clearent receives the token data file, we will have all data imported into our Vault within five business days.

How do I use legacy tokens after they've been imported?

There are two ways to make use of legacy tokens after we complete the import process.

1. Clearent can provide a CSV file that contains:

You can use this data to replace the legacy token IDs in your database with the new Clearent token IDs. An example of this data file can be found here. (Please note that this file does not contain real token data, and is only to be used as a reference.)

2. You can continue to use the original legacy token ID to run transactions. When doing so, you'll need to add the "merchant-legacy-token" parameter to your request body and ensure its value is set to true. When this is set to true, we will look up the Clearent token ID using the legacy token ID on our side before processing your transaction.


 "type": "sale",
 "amount": "25.00",
 "software-type": "My Super Duper Point of Sale",
 "software-type-version": "2.3",
 "card": "16ab65d8-f915-4a10-a89b-b8b442a0cd27",
 "exp-date": "0524",
 "merchant-legacy-token": true

It is important to note that the "merchant-legacy-token" flag should only be included for transactions using a legacy token ID. Transactions using a Clearent token ID should not include this flag.

What if I still have questions?

We are here to help. If you are still in the the integration phase with Clearent, please feel free to pose any questions in your dedicated Slack channel.

If you are in production, please contact our technical support team at 1-866-435-0666 and select option one (1).